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To help ensure your safety, make sure to properly inspect and repair a tire that has deflated or been punctured

When you visit the certified experts and technicians at Tire & Service Network locations for a tire repair, your service will include:

  • Dismounting and inspection of the tire to determine the cause of the inflation pressure loss and whether or not it can be repaired
  • Flat tire repair
  • Repairs performed in accordance with strict industry standards
  • Proper plugging and patching from the inside of the tire if suitable for repair
  • Rebalancing of tire & wheel assembly
  • Reactivating of tire pressure monitoring system (if applicable)

Why is it important to have my tires properly repaired?

If you’re driving on a tire that continuously loses air or has a puncture, it is very important to your safety and vehicle’s performance to have it inspected immediately. A service professional should inspect the tire inside and out to determine whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Tire repair services may help:

  • Properly repair punctures in the tread
  • Prevent further tire damage
  • Maintain tire air pressure at manufacturer recommended levels

How often should I inspect my tires?

You should inspect your tires regularly (at least once a month) for excessive or irregular tread wear, scrapes, snags, cuts, bulges, cracks, impact damage, punctures, stones or other debris embedded in the tread, or other damages. If any of these conditions are present, or if you are experiencing continuous pressure loss, the tire should be dismounted and inspected for damage on the inside and to determine if a repair can be made.

For more ways to keep your vehicle and tires in prime condition, explore Kelly’s vehicle and tire maintenance guidelines.

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